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Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Speech Path SLP, PLLC accept insurance? We are currently private pay only and do not bill any insurance companies. We are happy to provide superbill documentation of services for you to submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

What is the cost of speech & language therapy? We offer free phone consultations up to 15 minutes. We offer several speech and language evaluation options depending on the needs of your child. During this phone consultation we are happy to provide you with rates of evaluation and speech and language therapy. Although we do not accept insurance, we are able to take credit cards, cash, FSAs and HSAs.

If I have my child evaluated, am I obligated to attend speech & language therapy? No. You are not under any obligation to attend speech therapy with The Speech Path SLP, PLLC. After an initial evaluation we will make therapy recommendations and it is then up to each family to decide if they wish to pursue speech & language therapy.

How often will my child need speech & language therapy? Frequency of therapy is determined by the child's age and attention span, the extent of the child's delay/disorder, availability, funding, and family preferences. Generally, clients attend about 1-2 times per week. Routine carryover of skills and strategies in the home typically reduces the amount of direct therapy time per week that is necessary.

How long will my child be receiving speech & language therapy? Each child is unique. The length of time a child will be in speech & language therapy will be determined by several factors including the severity of the delay/disorder, the amount of therapy they receive each week, and parent involvement and carryover in the home.

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