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Why Private Therapy?


    • The goal of private speech/language therapy is to help the child master communication goals as quickly as possible.

    • One-on-one time with children allows for the speech-language pathologist’s (SLP) undivided attention, more progress in shorter amount of time, and more practice with target goals.


    • Increased parental involvement is possible; parents have the option to participate in/observe sessions. Ability to touch base following each session to review goals and homework for carry-over of skills.​​​​​​


    • A child does not have to demonstrate a large delay or qualify for services based on state, county, or school district criteria. Therapists use testing, clinical observation, and parent report to determine eligibility and if child will respond well to intervention.

      • Does your child not qualify at these levels but you feel they could benefit from individualized help?

      • Do they qualify; however, you would like them to receive more help than they were granted?

      • Do you want to skip the wait of scheduling a variety of evaluations and delaying the start of therapy?

      • Is your child currently on a waiting list for therapy?


    • More flexibility with scheduling and service provision.

    • Year-round services available, not limited to the academic school year.

      • Does your child not qualify for summer services?​


    • Private therapy does not require that any paperwork be placed in a child’s school records. Other students or professionals at the school would not be aware that the child is receiving intervention.

Private pay speech and language services may be what you're looking for!

Contact me today for a free phone consultation to further discuss your concerns and decide if this is the right fit for your family!

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